Ford Branches Out and Creates New Transportation Method for Customers

Most drivers through Allen Park and Taylor may rely on a car to get them from place to place, but that's not the only transportation option anymore, and Ford is an automotive manufacturer to realize that. Especially in cities with congested streets, individuals may be forced to experiment with alternative methods of transportation. This growing need prompted Ford to create Ford X, which is a new division under the Ford Smart Mobility umbrella. Shortly after, Ford X released an answer to alternative transportation: scooters.

This idea of micro-mobility is what encouraged Ford to snatch at the opportunity to acquire San Francisco's dockless scooter-sharing company called Spin. This company currently offers its services to 13 U.S. cities and college campuses. Since some of the users are younger college students, there are plenty of safety expectations involved in the company's mission. And Ford, being so pro-safety in all its cars, trucks and SUVs, will continue improving this level of safety and security in scooter sharing.

Three benefits of choosing a Spin scooter for your transportation needs:

  • The Spin scooters pose an efficient, inexpensive and convenient method of transportation for young adults who can't afford a car or reside in a large city where the traffic is unrelenting.
  • The cost of the scooter is a dollar to rent it and then 15 cents for every minute it's in your possession - which makes a reasonably-priced commute to and from work or school.
  • These scooters run on electric power that means less pollution added to large cities. Plus, there's less anxiety about parking situations that vehicle drivers face.

This service is now offered to Detroit residents. If that's your hometown or you want to make the less-than-20-minute commute from Dearborn or Southfield, it's an opportunity to give this alternative transportation a try. This new mobility option is a breakthrough for Ford and a chance to continue broadening its transportation solutions for Warrendale customers. Of course, if you're perfectly satisfied with your Ford Edge or Fiesta, come to Fairlane Ford to learn more about our traditional car, SUV and truck transportation solutions near Dearborn Heights.

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