Fairlane Ford A,X,Z Plans

Fairlane Ford is proud to serve thousands of Ford Employees and their Family Members every year by honoring the A, X or Z plan on their new vehicle purchases. Just minutes from local Ford plants and offices, we are in the perfect location to meet your sales and service needs. For internet shoppers, we are now your source for A/Z and X plan pricing on the web.

Not already a Fairlane Ford customer? Give us a chance to show you why so many of your colleagues, friends and family members keep coming back!

To receive your PIN # or more detailed info about the program,
call 1-800-348-7709, Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 8:00pm
or go to the Ford Vehicles site to Generate a PIN

    1-800-348-7709 (program headquarters)
    Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 8:00pm


Who's Eligible:

?All active full-time hourly employees and regular salaried employees, beginning with their date of hire.
?All hourly retirees receiving a normal, early (regular or special) or disability retirement benefit, as long as   any medical benefits are being received.
?Salaried retirees who retired under the General Retirement Plan, including salaried employees who terminate between the ages of 50-55 and who are eligible to receive certain deferred retirement benefits, are eligible while they are receiving benefits.
?Surviving Spouses of employees who died while actively employed and Surviving Spouses of retirees who retired under the General Retirement Plan, or who are receiving benefits under the Ford-UAW Retirement Plan.
?Employees on an approved leave of absence, for the duration of the leave or until expiration of any medical benefits.
?Employees on layoff for the first 12 months of the layoff.
?All regular part-time hourly and salaried employees who are eligible to receive medical benefits.
?Members of the immediate family of the above. "Immediate family" means the following relatives of the employee or retiree:
        -spouse's parents
        -sons and daughters (including in-laws and step-children)
        -brothers and sisters (including in-laws, half and step)
        -same-sex domestic partners covered under the health care plan (same as it is defined for health care coverage in the "Salaried Employee Benefit Bulletin #152", dated June 8, 2000.)
        -immediate family members of eligible same-sex domestic partners (same as it is defined above).

Employees of approved subsidiary companies and approved affiliated companies as eligibility is defined at the time of approval.

NOTE: When both the employee/retiree and his/her spouse are deceased, the surviving family members are no longer eligible.

?Four new products per calendar year may be purchased or leased




Who's Eligible:

?Employees (full time, part-time and contract), retirees and their spouses of eligible partner companies (suppliers, fleets, etc.) and universities where Ford recruits.
?Members, Customers and spouses of selected organizations/associations with close strategic ties to Ford Motor Company.
?Selected individuals sponsored by a Ford Motor Company employee or retiree through the Friends & Neighbors Program.
?Participation is by invitation only, not all suppliers, fleets, etc. are eligible.
?Two new products per calendar year may be purchased/leased in total.

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